SERVICES for public schools & districts nationwide

Donovan Group Intelligence, a division of the Donovan Group, is a national, multidisciplinary research, analytics and data firm. We integrate proven research methods and emerging best practices, technology and the experience gained over from more than 20 years of education-focused survey research to help clients collect, store, examine, and manage data from students, staff, parents, non-parent community members and others. Our services include:


Online surveys

We've conducted hundreds of online surveys in districts across the U.S. Our research methodologies stress engaging the entire district community and use unique methods for disaggregating data to get separate the signal from the noise. As a result, we have become the "go-to" firm for robust, methodologically appropriate online survey research for public schools and districts. 

  • Virtual learning and COVID-19 focused surveys

  • Climate and culture surveys for students, parents and staff

  • Referendum-focused surveys

  • Quick "dip-stick" style surveys



Over the years, we have worked with many districts on their complex research needs that have included polling. We understand the unique characteristics that need to be considered when conducting polling and using robust sampling methodologies. 


focus groups

If online surveys and polls provide the "what," focus groups provide the "why." In addition to the experience that comes from nearly two decades of focus group experience, we are also leaders in conducting focus virtual focus groups in this era of social distancing. 



We pride ourselves on our ability to provide school and district clients with robust analysis, including methodologically appropriate data disaggregation. In addition to reports and presentations, we deliver  industry-leading and password-protected data dashboards that make data come alive and become actionable.